Four Reasons to Love Your Local Bank

November 16, 2017|By Staci Angel, Senior Vice President Compliance Officer

Often, business owners look to larger banking institutions because they’re not aware of the opportunities available within their own communities. In fact, local banks have historically provided the majority of funding to small businesses across the country. Why? Because they’re deeply invested in the local community and in the businesses that help the bank grow and thrive. With National Entrepreneurs’ Day right around the corner, see why a local bank should be your first choice when it comes to choosing a business bank.

1. Local banks support local businesses. They’re invested in helping businesses in the area grow. New business means new job opportunities for the whole community – a positive thing for the bank, businesses and residents. Community banks also face many of the same challenges as a small business, which means they understand your needs better than a corporate bank. They know an investment in your success is an investment in their own as well.

2. You get access to great products and state-of-the-art technology. One common misconception about smaller banks is that they don’t offer the same range of products and technology as larger banks. Actually, smaller banks are likely to be more flexible than larger banks, which cater to the masses, and their rates are just as competitive. Take a look at the array of services and technology we offer at The Bank Of Austin, such as Treasury Management or Business Banking. With our Mobile Banking app, you can manage your account, pay your bills and much more – all from your mobile phone.

3. You receive personal customer service. Large, corporate banks need to appeal to vast numbers of clients across many areas of the country. They’re not set up to provide the individual attention you get from a neighborhood bank. Many large banks are also moving to ATMs and strictly online interactions. Local banks value personal interaction with clients because they know the bank’s success is closely linked with the success of the clients they serve.

4. You build your brand. When you partner with a local bank, you’re supporting your community. This is attractive for any business. By working with a local bank, you’re showing that you believe in the local economy. This can help you establish valuable relationships with local vendors who share the same values and appreciate your commitment to the community. 

Focused on Your Needs. As the Senior Vice President Compliance Officer and Deposit Operations Manager at The Bank of Austin, I work closely with clients to help them write their own success stories with a streamlined approach that makes the financing process simple and straightforward. To learn more about our business banking services and how we can help your growing business, give me, Staci Angel, a call at 512-956-4810 or email me at [email protected]

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